The Yoga of Nutrition

“Perhaps you are now wondering how you should eat. Well, let me talk to you about how an initiate considers this question of eating. With a view to giving himself the best possible conditions in which to receive the elements that have been put into his food in nature’s laboratories, an Initiate begins by meditating and by tuning in to his Creator: he does not engage in conversation. He eats in silence.”







“When you are eating, remember to love your food: only then will it open up and give you all its treasures. You must have noticed how flowers react to the sun: when the sun is there to warm them they open their petals and when it disappears they close up again. And food reacts in the same way. If you don’t love it, it will give you practically nothing: it will lock up its treasures. But if you love it, if you eat with love, then it will open, pour forth its perfumes and give you all its etheric particles. You are used to eating mechanically, without love, simply in order to fill yourselves. But try to eat with love and you’ll see what a wonderful state of mind it brings you.”

extracts from PO204AN The Yoga of Nutrition

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