Spiritual Gymnastics

These six exercises take the form of gentle, flowing movements, each of which is associated with a formula in the form of an inner request. These formulas ask that spiritual blessings come to humanity and that we develop individual qualities such as purity, balance, flexibility, health and vitality. When an action is associated with a thought and a feeling then the nervous system is calmed and inner harmony is maintained.

More details of these exercises are found in the book ‘A New Earth’ Vol 13

“Every gesture is a force that is active in the different worlds; every gesture corresponds to certain currents, colours and vibrations and has repercussions on innumerable creatures in space. Each of our gestures opens or closes certain doors in nature and forms a bond linking us to a beneficial or an evil power. If we want to make progress on the path of love, wisdom and truth we must study our gestures and see whether they express these three virtues or not. The gymnastics that we do each day, for instance, are a form of white magic; they restore harmony between ourselves and the beneficial forces of nature and open spiritual channels in us, making way for a communication and exchange of forces from within and without which has very beneficial effects on our health.”

PO223AN Creation: Artistic and Spiritual – Chapter 8 ‘The magical power of a gesture’

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