Meditating at dawn, in the living presence of the rising sun, is the method the Master urged all disciples to practice; it lies at the heart of his teaching. 

He gave it the name ‘Surya Yoga’ from the Sanskrit, ‘Yoga of the Sun’ and it is practised at all brotherhood centres between the Spring and the Autumn equinoxes.

By concentrating all our thoughts and forces on the sun, the centre of our solar system, we gradually reinforce our connection with our spirit, the centre of our own being. In this way a bridge is formed between our higher and lower natures allowing paths of communication to be established. 

The rays of the sun and the ‘prana’ that is present in the air at sunrise are able to renew and transform us.

‘Each morning, when you go to the sunrise, think of nothing but renewing yourself. Leave everything else to one side, everything that is old and mouldy, so you can once and for all receive this new life and enter into communication with that great current coming from the heart of the universe. In springtime, the early morning rays send you all the energies and stimulus you need for the rest of the year. Don’t let them pass you by without benefiting from them. Open yourself to these rays and allow the forces of light, joy and resurrection to pass through you.’

The following formula is one of many we have been given to use at the sunrise:

As the sun rises over the world, so may the sun of truth, freedom, immortality and Eternity, rise in my spirit
As the sun rises above the world, so may the sun of love and immensity rise in my soul.
As the sun rises above the world, so may the sun of intelligence, light and wisdom rise in my intellect.
As the sun rises above the world, so may the sun of gentleness, kindness, joy, happiness and purity rise in my heart.
As this luminous, radiant sun rises over the world, so may the sun of strength, power, force, dynamic energy and activity rise in my will.
And as this luminous, radiant, living sun rises over the world, so may the sun of health, vitality and vigour rise in my body.
Amen. So be it, for the kingdom of God and His righteousness
Amen. So be it, for the Glory of God! 

Extracts from A New Earth – Volume 13

Meditation with Music

Collective meditation in brotherhood centres begins with 10 to 15 minutes of inspiring music, usually choral pieces by the great classical composers such as Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven. The music is an aid to relaxation and stimulates the work of the imagination, enabling everyone present to project luminous, beneficial images for the good of their immediate environment and the good of humanity.

‘Learn to work with music in order to enrich your spiritual life. Once you sense that a piece of music purifies you, strengthens you, gives you greater clarity of mind, and allows you to modify and unite the elements of your inner life, try to make full use of it. Sustain a noble image, a revelation or thought within your heart, mind and soul, and music will be there to help you, to lead you forwards, and project you heavenwards.’

‘Laser’ Meditation

Meetings include a short period of intense, silent meditation during which everyone present is united in concentrating
on the same image, a dazzling white light, or the sun.

The Master named this special type of meditation the ‘laser’ 

When everyone meditating concentrates on the same image at the same time they also vibrate at the same wavelength, like a laser, and therefore project a more powerful light.

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