“The only solution to the problems of humanity is universal brotherhood. May all people reach out to one another and unite. One day from every direction we will hear people send out a cry for this fraternity to be realised at last, and this will be the most beautiful day in the history of humankind.’”


The Master held and worked for the ideal of brotherhood between all regardless of race, creed, or station in life, seeing all as children of The Creator. ‘Human beings are brothers and sisters by way of the life they share, by way of the divine life which flows in them. This divine life makes them brothers and sisters of all creation as well.’

To work for this consciousness of universality brings great blessings ‘By striving to live a larger, more harmonious and universal life human beings greatly enrich themselves because they come into contact with cosmic intelligence and receive its blessings.’

The brotherhood centres where we come together to practice the methods of this teaching give us the circumstances in which we can grow spiritually. Of course there are many challenges in the collective life, but ‘Why belong to a spiritual collectivity?.. a spiritual community gives its members the best conditions in which to transform themselves and to advance.’ 

This brotherhood on earth is seen as a pale reflection of the Universal brotherhood of beings on high: ‘The true Universal White Brotherhood on high is composed of all the most highly evolved beings that ever existed, whereas we are simply workers who are trying to benefit from the light and support of those beings in order to carry out their plans on earth. The ideal of The Universal White Brotherhood is to teach human beings to work no longer exclusively for themselves, but for the whole world.’

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