A new concept of work

‘Men and women are here on earth in order to work, and when I say work, this means first and foremost to work on themselves, to strive to go beyond their limitations, to surpass themselves.’

This work is spiritual in its nature: ‘Spiritual work is a matter of developing the divine part of yourself which in ordinary life is bullied and smothered by all kinds of occupations and worries…Learn to establish order and harmony in yourself, allow your divine nature to blossom in the light and love.’

To allow this divine side to flourish we need to work on the matter of our physical bodies:

The true mission of a spiritualist * is to work to bring heaven to earth, into the material realm. This means he must first bring heaven into his physical body…All those who truly wish for the good of humanity must ask that the light, the spirit, the divine force descend in them and impregnate their every cell.’

All the methods that the Master has given us bring us towards this goal: When you eat, when you do your breathing exercises, when you pray, meditate, sing and go to the sunrise know that it is possible to absorb the divine quintessence.’

(* Spiritualist here means one embarked on the spiritual path)

Whilst we are working on ourselves, in the brotherhood most work is done collectively, and with the aim of working for the benefit of all. ‘You must now decide not to work for yourself alone, but for the collectivity. Yes, it is in your own interest, because you are part of the collectivity. When it improves and evolves, you are a beneficiary. You reap the benefit because you have placed your capital in a bank called the human family.’

‘Jesus worked for the collectivity ‘for universality, but nobody understood that. It is up to us today to carry on his work, to establish within ourselves the harmony, abundance and perfect organisation of the higher world.’

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