Artistic and Spiritual creation

In the light of the spiritual philosophy of Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov ‘In the future artists will not be judged on their writings, paintings or sculpture: people will want to know the people themselves so as to admire the beauty and music emanating from them and their life. Everyone will want to live a life […]

Spiritual Gymnastics

These six exercises take the form of gentle, flowing movements, each of which is associated with a formula in the form of an inner request. These formulas ask that spiritual blessings come to humanity and that we develop individual qualities such as purity, balance, flexibility, health and vitality. When an action is associated with a […]

Music and Singing

At the beginning of each meeting, we always sing three of the sacred songs especially composed for the brotherhood by the Master Peter Deunov. While physically present at meetings, the Master Omraam always encouraged everyone to join in, even if they were unused to singing, and he gave the following reasons: ‘Music harmonises beings. During the day, everyone […]