to the teaching of the
a universal philosophy both simple and profound
Dawn is breaking on a new day,
The long dark night of the old era is fading into history
To make way for a new age.


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Through a series of spontaneous lectures given over the course of several decades, the master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov presented the eternal principles of all world religions in a unified and contemporary form. Presented in a humane and humorous way, the teaching helps us to understand the meaning of our life and difficulties, to draw closer to God and penetrate the deeper mysteries of the universe.


It offers a science and methodology that enable us to utilise all the potential of our heart, mind, soul, spirit, as well as the forces of our sexuality and instinctive nature, in the quest for self-transformation. Its ultimate goal is the creation of a magnificent future for the whole of humanity or, as described in Christian symbology, the kingdom of God on earth.

Unlike past spiritual practices of both East and West, the aim of this teaching is not just to save our own soul or reach a state of nirvana while withdrawing from the challenges of the world but rather to transform ourselves and the planet with the luminous powers of the spirit, for the well-being and happiness of the global community.

This teaching invites us to take the sun as the visible representative of God, to experience it in all its glorious light, warmth and life and learn to become living examples of wisdom, love and truth.

The challenges of today’s world call for us to work together in unity to transform the earth into a place where all live in harmony.

The name ‘Universal White Brotherhood’ does not refer to colour or race, but to light and purity of soul. In the context of the teaching of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov it means that all men and women, without exception (universal), can live a new way of life on earth (brotherhood) in harmony and light (white) and with respect for each other’s race, creed and country.

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